Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alternative Couture In Alternative Art Space At Fashion Walk!

On tonight's Fashion Walk, Crewest - one of the world's leading graffiti galleries - will host Nicole Moan Ceramic Corsets(Ceramic Corsets) and ethercult couture (custom apparel.

Both lines of clothing that look equally at home in an art gallery as they do on the human body. Also on the display in the gallery are examples of Iranian street graffiti. You can see examples at the Crewest website:

And below is an interview with Steve Sattler of the Ether Cult.

Weapons of the Ether Cult
Interview: Steven Sattler
by Nathan Cartwright

Steven Sattler is an Idaho grown, Anarchist prone artistic mega-beast. From dodging the draft by starving himself to challenging skinheads in small towns in his white washed state, he is a true warrior of visual persuasion. He stands for chaos, but has an innate ability to make it all look so good in his mixed media compositions. Recently, I had the privilege to visit his studio and chat about his amazing creations and ideas about a New World Order.

Nathan: Steven, I often say there are two types of artists who thrive in The Hive; the illustrators and the mad scientists. Your work is definitely in the latter category. What influences have led you to the Sattler I know?

Steven: An early realization of the horrific state of adult life led me to art as a means of creating alternate realities. In grade school, comic books and sci-fi led me to the study of the aryan mythos, the possibility of real supermen was intriguing. Then I was introduced to surrealism by a nun who gave me a holy card that was by Dali, (I’m sure that she knew not what poisons she had let loose), eventually the army tried to send me to my death, making me a permanent enemy of the state. Finally zen and Krishnamurti put me on a quest for absolute freedom, something that appealed to my inherent non-conformist bent. My ongoing influences would be surrealism and it’s offshoots, except the current drivel that is pop surrealism, (I’m sure Breton is spinning in his grave), and French academic art and teachings, particularly J.L. Gerome. 200

NC: What are some of the obstacles you faced growing up in (the inland northwest) as an artist?

Steven: In the northwest, if you call yourself an artist you had better be able to paint signs or do horse portraiture or will likely get shot. They don’t hold well to the con game that is modern art. Growing up in a hot rod environment, an artist was the guy who could pinstripe or do flames. My dad’s advice was “you have a good eye for detail, you should be a forger or a counterfeiter”.

NC: Tell me about the Ether Cult.

Steven: Ethercult is an attempt to subvert the capitalist spectacle by using its own means against it. It’s a design collective using art as a weapon to confront the public in unexpected places, through clothing, furniture, graphic design, sounds, etc, anywhere that we can produce unsettling, unsellable, original statements of revolt. A current example would be ethercult couture’s invisible red carpet ensemble, an outfit so offensive it would have to be pixelated from head to toe. Ethercult is attempting to be a community college of pataphysics. A training ground for sedition. Our motto is ” We don’t want your money, your time, or your beliefs. Everything’s perfect, stay as you are.”

NC: How does art and economy tie together with this idea?

Steven: The only way to be avant-garde today is to remove money entirely from the art equation.

NC: Any new secret projects lined up in your mad scientist laboratory?

Steven: The main things would be a chess set reflecting the modern human beast (each piece being life sized mixed media sculptures), a new line for ethercult couture, a piece for next months bee-rotica show at the Hive entitled ” The persecution of Dennis Hopper in the 11th dimension” another anti celebrity rant, and continuing to hone my art skills, the better to realize any inspiration that comes my way.

Tonight's Fashion Happenings at 6th and Main's PE Building!

The Pacific Electric Building
September 17, 2009
5:30 PM - 10 PM

Home of Cole's, the Varnish, the Association, and the Blu Cafe
SE Corner of 6th and Main:

Music by:
Jason Yang Acoustic/ Electric Violinist --

Fashion by:

-Call a Rose
-Delicate Raymond
-Excess Baggage--
-Guerilla sample sale--
-ayanna henderson
-lovebirds by Loren

Live Fashion photo booth shoot!

Tonight's Fashion Happenings at 6th and Main's PE Building!

The Pacific Electric Building
Home of Cole's, the Varnish, the Association, and the Blu Cafe
SE Corner of 6th and Main:

Music by:
Jason Yang Acoustic/ Electric Violinist --

Fashion by:

-Call a Rose
-Delicate Raymond
-Excess Baggage--
-Guerilla sample sale--
-ayanna henderson
-lovebirds by Loren

Live Fashion photo booth shoot!

Four New Boutiques Open Since Last Fashion Walk

Now while all four of these stores have opened in the past month - which comes to about one new store a week - all but one have participated in past Art and/or Fashion Walk events.

First - KAPSOUL - had a sneak preview at last month's first Fashion Walk - and had a line out the door of eager buyers, despite their then limited selection. Now, though, the store is fully stocked

KAPSOUL 6th Street between Main and Spring
Cell 818-693-4180 Contemporary & vintage clothes, sunglasses

Next, 1-Man's Trash has long been located in Downtown Los Angeles but only recently has been an exhibitor at past Art and Fashion Walks. This, then, will be the Fashion Walk debut of their new store which will feature Erik Dixon's one of a kind re-worked vintage pieces for men, women and children. Among those who have worn his line are Usher Raymond, Ellen Degeneres, and Carmen Elektra. Also featured in the store is a carefuly curated selction of vintage clothing.

1-Man's Trash 651 S. Main Street Vintage inspired, re-made vintage And vintage clothing 818-355-1130

Christina Wheeler has also shown at past Downtown Art Walks before taking the plunge and opening her own store. She has been primarily showing her handbags and hats - but has recently returned to her roots as a clothing designer.

Symbiotic Form 651 Main Street
213-631-6971 Vintage inspired woman's hand bags, hats, clothes and jewelry

In contrast, the all vintage store - ZLB - just appeared a couple weeks ago at 7th and Main with a selection of unusual vintage designs culled from the owner's purchases all over the US - and Europe.

ZLB Main and 7th NW Corner on 7th Side of Building Vintage Clothing of every kind and every price

We will have more on each of these stores and their owners shortly - but besides the fact the are few - if any - retail districts where no clothing stores are closing - I suspect that only on Downtown's Fashion Walk are new stores opening on a regular basis.

The Hidden Treasure of Purses & Handbags on Broadway

Below is a recent blogdowntown post on one of the stores open during not just Fashion Walk - but 7 days a week on Historic Downtown's Broadway.

Hidden Treasure: Chanelli on Broadway
Published: Thursday, August 20, 2009, at 02:50PM

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES — Anytime one adventures with Brady Westwater they'll need to expect the unexpected. After all, he knows each and every back corner hat shop, the interesting cat lady on Main St and in this case Mark, owner and importer of Chanelli at 625 S. Broadway.

Brady is Downtown's answer to the Pied Piper -- only with a twisted sense of great business and development. As a Downtown boutique owner myself, I am always excited to see what Brady has brewing for the neighborhood.

I was called to Chanelli because of the interesting stock Mark carries. His family makes beautiful leather goods in Turkey, mostly for the European market.

Nestled on a block of Broadway with $2 socks and Quinceañera dresses, I never expected to find treasures like his. The handbags and jackets are made of the most beautiful leathers, unique designs and high-quality stitching. They are produced in the same factories as huge luxury brands with fancy 5-letter Italian names.

Retail in these times is tough and Mark is making the most of it by offering the popular goods for any Broadway shopper -- handbags for $29.99 -- but if you have the chance to stop in, make sure you ask to see the imported offerings. You won't be disappointed, and you'll get to experience the rush of finding treasures buried right beneath your nose.

Katie Kay is co-owner and designer of SKINGRAFT, an up-and-coming design house based in Downtown LA and director of She can be contacted at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Do Vegas Show Girls And Women On Fashion Walk Have In Common?

They all have or have had an opportunity to wear a hat created by Jill Pfieffer. One of the many unique character you will meet on the Downtown Fashion Walk, Jill will be showing some of her one of a kind hats at the Spring Arts Tower at 5th and Spring.

Below is a short bio of a long life:


Jill started her life as an artist early, with private fine art lessons at the age of 7 and started selling portraits at the age of 10. She has pursued her vocation all of her life and spent many years working as a Costume Designer, Milliner, Wardrobe Master and Stylist.

She has worked in Las Vegas for the Luxor Hotel, the Excalibur Hotel, the Sands, the Desert Inn, the Las Vegas Hilton, the Stardust, and Circus Circus, among others, in Reno for Bally’s, in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, creating costumes, headdresses, and other wardrobe for shows such as “Lido de Paris”, “King Arthur’s Tournaments”, “Starlight Express”, “Viva Las Vegas”, “Sid and Marty Kroft’s Comedy Kings”, “Beach Blanket Babylon”, “Splash”, and “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

After settling in Los Angeles, Jill started creating one-of-a-kind cigar box purses and custom hats and sold them in the LA Garment Dist. for 5 years, where people from all over the world bought both the purses & hats.

A life-long educator, as well as an artist, Jill has taught at UCLA, in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, is still teaching millinery and has just started teaching painting.

Downtown Fashion Walk Final Map and Schedule Now on Website! Thursday Sept. 17th!

Over thirty fashionable stops on the Thursday September 17th Downtown Fashion Walk will be open from 5:30 to 10 PM on Main, Spring and Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles along with free music, open restaurants and bars - and art galleries and book stores.

Printable map on website.

Downtown Fashion Walk Website Events Page Up!

All the stores and events are now on the Downtown Fashion Walk website - listed by street - and the new map for Fashion Walk will be put up tonight. And this blog will have updates and further information on what will be going on Thursday night.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Full Fashion Walk Schedule - Thursday September 17, 2009

Due to a computer crash wiping out all the files for the Fashion Walk website - until they can be redone - here is the schedule for the September 17th Fashion Walk:

Downtown Fashion Walk – Where To Go
Thursday September 17th, 2009

5:30Pm – 10 PM for special events

Most stores will be open by noon and are identified by a number while all the one-night events or venues are identified by a capital letter.

Stores & Events Listed By Street


1. M'ouments
125 W. 4th St. #106 (Enter Off Alley)
213 626 6606
Former Comme des Garcon Guerrilla Store now
carrying brands like Comme des Garcon,
Unholy Matrimony and Sonia Boyjian

2. Blends (Store)
125 W 4th St
213 626 6606
Limited Edition sneakers &
Urban Clothing

3. Elmer Ave.
125 W. 4th St.
888 356 3728
Rock and Roll Rebels Designing
High-End Formal Wear

4. Skin.Graft
125 W. 4th St. #102
213 626 2662

50% off selected items - Raw underground Style
combined with Sleek high-end couture

5. Fremont (Store)
120 W. 4th St.
213 626 1756
75% Off Sale!
Classic Cool Couture

6. Crewest
110 E. Winston St.
Los Angeles
213 627 8272
Stellar graffiti artist art & clothing

7. The Gallery@118 Winston
118 E. Winston Street
Call for regular hours
Second floor
Vintage, N.OM by Natalia Benson earrings,
& clothing designed by Flock.

8. Stelladottir (Store)
430 S. Main St.
213 623 8464
Hand made, vintage inspired clothes and hats.
Last year’s Downtown store of the year.

9. Main Street Tattoo
438 Main Street

A. 7 & 10 PM screening of Project Runway
Patio of Café Bermuda
464 S. Main Street

C. Hit and Run Pop-Up! 10 PM
Live Screen Printing!
Custom T-shirts! Cool clothing!
Cool Art! Cool Music! Cooler People!
115 W. 5th Street at Main

10. Pussy & Pooch
564 S. Main St
213 438 0900
Pet Couture & Grooming

11. Upper Playground
125 E 6th Street
213 623 4300
Fusion of fashion with fine art
with locally and nationally known artists

12. Mr. Cartoon's Tattoo Shop
129 E 6th St
213 488 0313
Urban clothes & classic tattoos

13. Soulful Commandoe Flagship Store
121 E 6th Street, #131
213 291 9601
Ultra Exclusive Street Apparel & Accessories

B. Pacific Electric Ground Floor
Corner 6th & Main
Sample & Clearance Sales
Multiple Fashion District name Brands

14. 1-Man’s Trash (store)
651 S. Main Street
Vintage inspired, re-made vintage and
vintage clothing.

15. Symbiotic Form
651 Main Street
Vintage inspired woman's hand bags, hats, clothes and jewelry

16. ZLB
Main and 7th NW corner
On 7th side of building
Vintage Clothing of every
kind and every price


17. Ed Hardy (Store)
433 S Spring St
213 627 3932
Vintage-styled Tattoo Wear
Only Ed Hardy Outlet Store!

C. Spring Arts Tower
201 W. 5th at Spring
Historic Bank Lobby
Dozen different designers and
Vintage and contemporary clothes
and hats.

18. Phyllis Stein Art
207 W. 5th Street
323-896-7465 cell
Todd Goldman

19. Polyester Books (Store)
(Todd/Browning Gallery)
211 West 5th Street
213 623 1176
Fashion, Style, Art & Design Books
Vintage/Contemporary Photographs

6th Street between Main
and Spring
Cell 818-693-4180
Contemporary & vintage clothes, sunglasses

21. Flea
6th Street between Main
and Spring
Vintage clothes, furniture, hats
and contemporary art

22. Apliiq
6th Street between Main
and Spring
323 300 6492
Apliiq applies unique rare textiles
To everyday garments.

23. New York Hats
217 W 6th St
213 228 1915
New And Old School Hats
Located in historic chocolate store
filled with Bachelder tiles!

24. Crack Gallery
204 W 6th St
213 622 3493
Crack Gallery wants to get the city hooked on a new drug:
their own blend of fashion and art.

25. Shoes & Hand Bags
204-½ W. 4th Street
213 622 3493
Handbags, Shoes & Accessories


Some Broadway stores close by 7 PM

26. Goodwill 7 PM
235 S Broadway
(213) 628-1748
Vintage/Used/Huge Selection!

27. Broadway Army Store 7 PM
217 W 4th St
213 617 8495
Military & Civilian Uniforms, Shirts

28. El Fino 7PM
412 – 416 Broadway
Boot & Denim & Western Shirt Sale
Going Out Of Business Sale!

29. Shoe Hut 7 PM
529 S Broadway
213 688 8310
Huge Selection of Baseball Caps
& Shoes & Sneakers

30. New York Hats (Store) 8 PM – or later
217 W 6th St
213 228 1915
New and Old School Hats
Located in historic Chocolate
Shop with Batchler tiles

31. Chanelli Outlet 9 PM
625 S. Broadway
Rarely Seen European Brand
Bags. Clearance Sale! Ask to see
the special Fashion Walk deals

32. Red Zone Footwear 8 PM
629 S Broadway
213 622 8649
Excellent selection of creepers, heels and punk and rock shirts

Second Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Walk Thursday September 17, 2009

This blog will cover the daily events of all things fashion within Historic Downtown Los Angeles, all Fashion Week events anywhere in Downtown, the Third Thursday monthly Downtown Fashion Walk, and the daily Fashion Walk that links together the more than thirty fashion related businesses on Main, Spring and Broadway in Historic Downtown.

The second Downtown Fashion Walk is this Thursday September 17th from 5:30 PM to 10 PM, but most stores will be open by noon. The Fashion Walk website - - will be updated Tuesday night and the new map will be on the website by Wednesday noon.

Lastly, two storefronts and several spaces in two buildings are still available for designers or dealers to sell - or display - their merchandise. There are also opportunities for students or non-profits to participate.

To reserve a space or for more information about Fashion Week or moving your fashion business to Downtown, please contract Brady Westwater at or at 213-804-8396.